Top 10 Startups 2013


Top 10 Startups 2013

Every Fortune 500 company was once a small startup company that was only an idea in a person’s mind. These companies grew to become enterprises that are integral parts of the world today. Even if these companies are well recognised by many, this doesn’t mean that the assistance of houston business attorneys were not required to help resolve disputes and help a business navigate their way through challenges they faced. Every business has their ups and downs, but it’s the way they recover that makes a difference.
Anyway, here is a list of 10 new startup companies that exploded onto the scene in 2013.

1. Buzzfeed


Buzzfeed is a company that focuses on engaging content and advertising. They have made many connections with top dollar businesses and are becoming a highly reputed company. Creating a start up can be a difficult time for those involved and it could be hard when the business is struggling, so using online resources such as an invoice template and other types of templates could help with growing your business.

2. Codename One


This business has developed a place where mobile app designers can come to create new and improved apps for all types of mobile devices. This company has a tremendous projected growth rate for 2013.

3. ZetrOZ LLC


ZetrOZ LLC is a medical technology company that has revolutionized the ultrasound machine. It has made ultrasound portable and affordable, and is using their ultrasound machines to treat pain and injuries for athletes.


261014_clarity is a technology company that connects people through phone calls. It will connect people with experts who can help them solve problems with everyday issues that arise at home or at work.

5. Feathr


Feathr is an innovative business that strives to make the business card obsolete. The company helps people connect with each other at business meetings, dinners and events.

6. Square


This startup business has exploded since its founding. This company allows people to accept credit and debit cards with a smart phone.

7. Supercell


Supercell is a startup company that has excelled in the gaming industry. It produces top notch video games and is taking the gaming industry by storm.

8. Found


Found is a tech company that was started by two people who used to work for Microsoft. It allows people to search for documents across all of your devices, no matter what operating system powers your device.

9. Front Street Media


Front Street Media is a startup company that is revolutionizing the way people shop at malls. It allows people to use their smart phones to see what each store in the mall has to offer, so that they can shop quicker and easier.

10. Udemy


Udemy is a small startup company that is exploring online education. It allows people to learn new skills online from experts in their field. Plus, it allows people to teach others on subjects that they are knowledgeable.

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