Top 10 Strangest Desert Animals In The World


These are the strangest desert animals in the world. They look so strange and do such

strange things that you might not even believe that it’s true. But in the animal kingdom things that we might find strange or weird are actually normal and help animals survive. We gathered the most interesting facts about the strangest desert animals. So let’s start…


10. Thorny Dragon

Thorny-Devil desert

Besides being extremely small and camouflage the Australian Outback uses its outer skin to absorb and drink water just like a sponge.


9. Jerboa

jerboa-long-eared desert

These small rodents can run at speeds of up to 16 MPH. They also can survive for a very long time without drinking water.


8. Monitor Lizard

MonitorLizard desert

Monitor Lizards are strange not because they look different than other lizards but because of their survivability. Unlike most animals in the world the Monitor Lizards lives in forests and wasteland.


7. Fennec Fox

This is Savannah the Fennec Fox! She's only 10 months old. She's training to be an animal actor.

These interesting foxes have remarkable hearing abilities. They can hear small bugs and ants move from many meters away.


6. Peccary

peccary desert

The Peccary have an incredible digestive system that allows them to eat sharp cactus. This strange ability allows them to survive almost anywhere they want in the desert.


5. Death Stalker Scorpion

Death-Stalker-Scorpion-desert animal

This strange desert animal is dangerous. So dangerous that they are one of the most poisonous creatures in the world.


4. Africanized Bees

african bees desert animal

Most bees will only bite you if you bother them, African Bees are very different and strange. These desert bees will bite you no matter what you do. So when you see them, run away.


3. Roadrunner

Alfred's Blind Skink

This little bird doesn’t look impressive, but it does impressive things. The Roadrunner can release excessive salt from its body by crying.


2. Alfred’s Blind Skink

Alfred's Blind Skink lizard desert

This strange animal looks like a snake, but it’s actually a lizard without legs. These lizards stay understand most of the time and travel via the tunnels they create.


1. Wild Dogs

wild dogs desert

Unlike your average dogs Wild Dogs in the desert feed on kangaroos and other animals. But despite their aggressive behavior towards other animals they’re usually shy towards people.


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