Top 10 Strangest Looking Animal Hybrids You Didn’t Know Existed


Life is full of surprises and so are animals when different animals are bred together. That is different kinds species. With crossbreeding and recent

technological advancements, scientists have created new hybrids that even you can’t believe exist. The results are sometimes scary, sometimes adorable, but they are definitely always strange. Here’s our Top 10 Strangest Looking Animal Hybrids You Didn’t Know Existed.

10. Zonkey

Zonkey Hybrid Animal

Remember in elementary school when zebras were called the donkeys of the savannah? Turns out they can mate together if they live close by, and their offspring are the funny-looking zonkeys. Also named donkras, this species sports a back and a belly stripe. They often have the shape and size of a donkey, but also has the typical stripe pattern of a zebra. Their temperament is thought to be mostly influenced by wild zebras, which are not domesticated, rather than taking after their donkey parent’s docile temper. 

9. Zony

Zony Weird Creatures

In the same hybrid family as the Zonkey, the Zony is a cross between a zebra and a pony. These adorable but strange hybrids are typically bred for shows or farms and don’t occur naturally. As with many hybrid species, the offspring are often infertile and develop health issues as they age. 

8. Leopon

Leopon weirdest hybrid animals

This artificially-created hybrid has been bread in India, Japan and Germany. It mixes a male leopard and a lioness, resulting in a strange-looking feline. Rather than sporting black spots, this hybrid animal has brown fur and also sports a wispy, tufted tail. Unfortunately, the offspring of leopards and lionesses are sterile. The breeding programs were widely criticized over the years, which led to their closing. After this, the last leopon died in 1985. 

7. Savannah Cat

Savannah Cat Weird Hybrid Animals

These regal-looking felines were accepted by the International Cat Association for registration in 2001 as a hybrid between a seral cat and their domesticated version. Seral cats are large-eared wild African cats. Savannah cats sport their trademark wide ears, often with their wild parent’s spotted pattern. Their tail has rings of color and the tip is black. They are also much larger than domestic cats, with very long legs. For their majestic look and exoticism, Savannah cats are at number 4 in our list of strangest looking animal hybrids. 

6. Grolar Bear

golar bear weird hybrid

Spotted in Northern Canada, this cross between a Grizzly and Polar Bear has dark rings around the eyes, abnormally long claws, a slight hump on the back and occasionally wears brown spots on a light-colored coat. The cross has proven to be fertile and it is expected that with continued global warming, more bears will continue to cross over territories and habitats, and will continue to have strange-looking cubs. 

5. Wholphin

Wholphin Weird Hybrid Animals

This scary teethy swimmer is part false killer whale and part dolphin. Only one is known to be alive, in Hawaii’s Sea Life Park. The wholfin’s skin is a perfect blend of the black and light grey shades of her parents. When the female wholfin was born in 2005, she fed on her mother’s milk like all mammals… but also snacked on capelin fish straight from her trainer’s hands! For being a strange mix of whale, dolphin, scary and sassy, the wholfin has earned spot number 5 in our list of strangest looking animal hybrids. 

4. Beefalo

Beefalo Weird Hybrid Animals

This all-American crossover of beef and bison is a recognized breed of cattle in the United States. True beefalo must be 3/8 bison and 5/8 bovine. They are praised in the cattle industry for the robust digestive system and lean meat content. This hybrid is one of the rare animals that can reproduce over multiple generations. 

3. Coydog

Coydog weird Hybrid animals

A hybrid between a wild coyote and a domesticated dog, the Coydog is a rare but natural crossbreed. These animals exhibit traits of both parent species, however, the owner of a coydog must be familiar with dog behavior and training as they need a strong alpha leader. 

2. Cama

Cama Hybrid Animal

What do you get when you artificially breed a camel with a llama? You get a cama! When scientists bred this hybrid in the late 1990s, the goal was to get a wooly camel with a good temper, or a very sturdy llama. The first cama was named Rama. Unfortunately, Rama’s fur was not as soft as expected, and she was as stubborn as her camel parent. With a disappointing result to the breeding program, no further camas were bred. 

1. Liger

Liger Biggest Hybrid Animals

This hybrid animal is born from mixing a lion and a tiger. Liger believers argue they can occur naturally, and naysayers claim they are mythical. We’re with Napoleon Dynamite on this one, and for the majestic strength, beauty and freakishly large size of ligers (largest feline in the world!), they earn the top spot in our list of strangest hybrid animals.

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