Top 10 Strongest Dogs In The World


This top 10 list will sort in order the 10 strongest dogs in the world by weight, bite force, height and other factors. When it comes to the ‘Strongest Dogs’ it’s hard to

really compare dogs to each other because there is no one statistic that we can measure dogs strength by like we can in sports. Dogs don’t compete against each other in the real world, however, they can still give a nasty bite if provoked and could end in the person needing someone like these Dog Bite Lawyers to handle the case. Since we can’t have this happen we decided it was best to safely take on different factors such as bite force, weight, and many others to give you a top ten list of the strongest dogs in the world.

Top 10 Strongest Dogs In The World

10. Dutch Shepherd

dutch shepherd strongest dogs

Weight: 65 – 67.5 lbs

Height: 57 – 62 cm

Bite Force: 225 psi (pounds per square inch)

Dutch Shepherds were originally used as guardians dogs for the shepherds. They are very quick and agile but still have strong bite force making them an ultimate dog for shepherds.

9. Wolf Hybrids

wolf dog strongest dogs in the world

Weight: 80 – 125 lbs

Height: 66 – 83 cm

Bite Force: 406 psi

They’re not a dog and they’re not a wolf but rather a hybrid. Wolf Hybrids are one of the only hybrid dogs in existence, it inherits both dog and wolf characteristics, making it a very powerful dog. They’re exceptional survivors and are able to live in extremely cold weather.

8. Irish Wolfhound

Irish_Wolfhound_strongest dog in the world

Weight: 90 – 150 lbs

Height: 86 – 90 cm

Bite Force: 348 psi

These dogs were originally used for hunting and killing wolves, making them one of the most fearsome dogs alive. They’re also one of the tallest dogs and their furry appearance gives them the scary look. Today these dogs don’t hunt wolves anymore, but their strength still remains.

7. Newfoundland

newfoundland strong dogs

Weight: 132 – 154 lbs

Height: 55 – 71 cm

Bite Force: 235 psi

This dog looks more like a bear than a dog but don’t get fooled by the adorable bear type look. Newfoundlands have incredible strength due to their large size. These beasts were originally deployed to save people from drowning. They’re also incredible swimmers.

6. Kangal

kangal strongest dog in the world

Weight: 90 – 130 lbs

Height: 74 -81 cm

Bite Force: 743 psi

This Turkish dog is one of the only dogs ever recorded killing a wolf. Kangals are used to protect livestock, they’re also very loyal dogs. Sometimes even too protective. Kangal is also the dog with the strongest bite force in the world. The one thing that their bite can’t protect them from is fleas! Fortunately, if your dog has been overran with fleas then you can check out the JugDog Flea Treatment recommendations.

5. German Shepherd german shepherd strongest dogs in the world

Weight: 66 – 88 lbs

Height: 60 – 65 cm

Bite Force: 305 psi

We all know German Shepherds to be the perfect dogs for police army and other security measures. But besides their exceptional sniffing abilities these dogs are also very strong and smart which put them on the 5 place of our top 10 list for the strongest dogs. The German Shepherd also wins the title of the dog that saved the most human lives.

4. Rottweiler

Rottweiler strongest dog alive

Weight: 110 – 130 lbs

Height: 61 – 69 cm

Bite Force: 328 psi

This dog was used to herd livestock and pull carts until the mid 19th century. Today, Rottweiler is one of the strongest dogs with a crushing bite force.

3. American Bulldog

bulldog strongest dogs alive

Weight: 85 – 130 lbs

Height: 50 – 71 cm

Bite Force: 235 psi

The American Bulldog gets its name from the word ‘bully’ because of its amazing strength. Although their bite force is not as strong as other dogs its muscular body allows it to overpower other dogs.

2. Tibetan Mastiff

tibetan mastiff strongest dog alive

Weight: 105 – 180 lbs

Height: 66 – 76 cm

Bite Force: 556 psi

These bear type looking dogs got to the number 2 spot on our top ten list because of it’s incredible size and strength as well as history. The Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient dog, which means it’s a pure breed. Its size and strength have protected the Tibetan locals for centuries from wolves, bears and even tigers.

1. Caucasian Shepard

caucasian-shepherd strongest dog alive

Weight: 110 – 200 lbs

Height: 67 – 70 cms

Bite Force: 692 psi

The strongest dog title goes to the Caucasian Shepherd which originated from the North Caucasus regions. The Caucasian Shepherd wins the strongest dogs competition because of its size and it has one if the greatest bite forces of any dogs alive. These dogs are extremely loyal and strong making them a perfect dog. Unlike other shepherd dogs that were reported to have attacked and killed wolves and bears, there are actually videos of Caucasian Shepherd doing just that. The pure breed this dog grows up to be a fearless dog, running towards danger instead of away from it.

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