Top 10 Tallest Man Made Structures Ever


Have you wondered what the tallest man-made structures are? Are humans the only beings on Earth capable of building the giant skyscrapers, bridges, and other

pieces of massive architecture that we marvel at today. Massive configurations of steel and carefully placed nails and screws hold together the skeletons of countless giant buildings and other structures that freckle the face of the planet. Today we will go over the top ten biggest man-made structures ever!

10. KCAU TV Tower


Coming in at number ten on the list of the world’s top 10 tallest man made structures ever is Sioux City, Iowa’s TV tower. This tower registers as the largest structure in the state of Iowa and stands an impressive 2,000-ft. (609.6 m). Made in 1965, the tower still stands, and has held the record of the largest structure in Iowa for over fifty years now. 

9. KATV Tower

KATV Tower

Located in Redfield, Arkansas, this tower comes in at the exact same height as number ten. Standing 2,000 ft or 609.6 m tall, this tower enjoyed being the largest man-made structure in Arkansas since its installation in 1965 up until January 11, 2008, when it collapsed. 

8. Petronius Platform

petronius platform

This massive oil rig has been a sight in off-shore New Orleans for years. It was placed in 2000 and is used for off-shore oil drilling. The massive structure is in the Gulf of Mexico and dwarfs many oil rigs seen off-shore. The measurements on this giant structure are about 2100 ft or 610 m. In the picture above, you see the rig with a giant cargo ship next to it for reference. Since its hard to determine the size of the structure against the background of the ocean, seeing it near the ship really helps viewers comprehend this behemoth oil rig. 

7. KXTV/KOVR Tower

KXTV KOVR Tower Tallest Structure

This tower is located in Walnut Grove, CA, and is still in use today. Put there in 2000, this 2,049 ft (624.5 m) communication tower is the largest structure in California today. That is no small feat when considering the vast amount of skyscrapers and large buildings dispersed through the state. 

6. KRDK-TV Tower

KRDK-TV Tower Tallest

This tower is located in Traill County in North Dakota. The structure is the fifth biggest structure in the world, losing out to its neighboring tower by a minuscule three feet. The tower is used till this day to transmit signals and was installed in the year 1998. The tower has suffered two collapses, in 1968 and 1997. The most recent collapse gave way to the installation of the tower that is found there today. The tower stands at 2060 ft (628 m)

5. KVLY-TV Tower

KVLY-TV Tower Camparison Chart

This tower was erected in 1963 in the town of Blanchard, North Dakota. The structure stands a whopping 2,063 ft (628.8 m), beating its neighboring tower by a grand total of three feet. This tower is the largest structure in North Dakota. This structure enjoys the title of the tallest mast in the world. 

4. Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower Tall

The Shanghai Tower’s construction came to a close in the summer of 2015, making it the most recently erected megastructure on our list. The giant tower is located in Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai, and measures over 2,073.5 ft (632 m). The structure boasts 128 stories and the credit of being the largest structure in China. 

3. Tokyo SkyTree

Tokyo SkyTree Tallest Tower

The Tokyo Skytree was finished in March 2011, measuring 2,080 ft or 634 m. This tower is the tallest in the world, along with being the tallest in Japan. The SkyTree, located in Sumida, Tokyo, Japan, opened to the public on May 22, 2012, and features a wide variety of different offices including broadcasting as well as restaurants and an observation tower. Guests enjoy the breathtaking views and scenery. Though this structure is massive, the recent construction of large buildings surrounding the area has since affected the broadcasting abilities of the tower. 

2. Warsaw Radio Mast

Warsaw Tallest Tower

The Warsaw Radio Mast enjoyed the title of the largest structure in the world from its installation date of 1974. This structure came in at an impressive height of 2,120.7 ft (646.38 m). The massive radio tower was located in Konstantynów, Gąbin, Poland, and broadcast data for decades before its collapse in 1991. The tower was not replaced but still enjoys the title of the second largest man-made structure ever, beaten only by the massive infrastructure that makes up the Burj Khalifa. 

1. The Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa Tallest Building

This massive, pale skyscraper makes its home in Dubai. Boasting a height of 2,717-ft. (828 m), making it number one on the 10 tallest man made structures list. The construction of this giant building was no small feat. This is the largest man-made structure on Earth today. The construction began in 2004 and was finished in January of 2010. The megastructure boasts over 160 stories, the world’s highest outdoor observation deck, and the world’s longest service elevator, among other awards.


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