Top 10 Things That Increase in Value Over Time


One of the most common pieces of advice that rich and successful people share is that you should always purchase things that

increase in value. There are many tips out there to save money but very little advice on how to gain money.

Things that increase in value over time produce income. Don’t waste your money on things that depreciate in value over time. How much did you pay for your DVD collection? What is it worth now? Here are ten things that can be bought and resold at a profit.


10. Baseball Cards

Baseball cards Things That Increase in Value Over Time

It may sound like a childhood cliche, but certified vintage baseball cards hold incredible value and their value has only continued to rise throughout the years. A quick Google search for valuable baseball cards shows not just antique cards, but several cards from the ’80s selling for as much as $150,000. A Derek Jeter card from 1999 (the last time baseball was relevant) is going for $50,000. Not bad. 

9. Comic Books

Comic Books Expensive

Here’s another category of things that increase in value over time that is often tossed aside and disregarded as a nerdy, childish hobby. Yet, comic books can be an incredible source of revenue for seasoned collectors. It’s not uncommon to find copies of The Amazing Spider-Man selling for $20,000 online in comic book shops throughout the country. 

8. Land

Land Top 10 Things That Increase in Value Over Time

Ahh, land. Land can be a very profitable investment for a number of reasons. Obviously, if you’re real estate savvy, you’re going to know how to develop the land for profit. But even if you’re not, land is not going to depreciate in value over time. It’s one of the safest investments you can make. Even if you don’t develop your land, if you enjoy the outdoors, you can buy a few dozen acres of land to enjoy all to yourself, and still sell it back for what you paid for it. If you do develop the land, you are in much more control over calling the shots when you own the property. 

7. Stamps

Stamps Go Up In Value Over Time

Stamps have long been one of the most collectible items around. Even more so than comic books and baseball cards, there are an incredible number and varieties of stamps in the collector’s world. In 1996, a single Sweedish stamp called “Tre Skilling Banco yellow” sold for $2.3 million. That’s a lot of dough for a tiny piece of paper.

Perhaps the most famous collector’s stamp of all time is the Inverted Jenny. A slip-up at the printing press caused some stamps to be sold with the airplane graphic accidentally printed upside down. The issue was quickly corrected, but stamp collectors couldn’t get their hands on the stamp soon enough. The stamps can sell for $1 million each. 

6. Star Wars Merchandise

Star Wars Merchandise

Lots of movie collectibles and memorabilia increase in value over time, but with Disney’s recent acquisition of George Lucas’s Star Wars franchise, it’s easy to see that the fan base for these collectibles is going to be sticking around for a long time. An early Jawa action figure that was originally sold with a vinyl cape, before being replaced with a cloth-caped version, is currently valued at more than $18,000. 

5. Coins

Coins Most Expensive In The World Value

Here’s about the safest investment you can make — money! Cold, hard cash. It does take quite a while for coins to increase in value, but hey, when times are tough, you can always spend them. The American “Double Gold Eagle” coin, printed in 1933, sold for a record-breaking $7.6 million.

It’s also easy to imagine tons of rare coins slipping through the cracks, going unaccounted for. Just last year, a Swiss farmer found 4,000 ancient Roman coins in his field, almost 2,000 years old. Also just last year, $4.5 million in gold coins were found by divers just 15 feet off the shore in Florida. If you happen to find some coins, don’t be like the 10 richest people who became bankrupt and use up more money than you have. 

4. Books

Books Go Up In Value Over Time

Like any historical works of art, first editions of classic books are extremely valuable. People who can spot an instant classic are wise to get their hands on a first edition copy, signed by the author if possible.

The most valuable book in the world may surprise you: John James Audubon’s “Birds of America” sold for $11.5 million in 2010, shattering records. Other documents that don’t quite count as books are even more valuable. An original copy of one of Leonardo DeVinci’s notebooks is valued at almost $50,000. That’s even more than the original Magna Carta, valued at about half that. 

3. Stocks

Stocks Value Goes Up Over Time

Stocks may be the riskiest item to invest in on this list, but they are also one of the biggest things that will increase in value over time. Not only that, they may surge in value over a very short period of time. Thankfully, there are many helpful research teams such as the people at that can help you track some of the latest developments and ongoing trends in the stock market to give you the best idea of how to invest. Just last year, Google’s stock shares saw the largest single-day gain in history. Still, be sure to research what you invest in. In the world of the stock market, what you have today, may be gone tomorrow. 

2. Gold

Gold Things That Increase in Value Over Time

This seems like the obvious one. Gold prices seem only to go up, with current values at an all-time high. Gold has also shown to be a much more stable investment than the stock market, with gold owners having a solid item to fall back on. It’s very unlikely that we’ll see a gold market crash that would amount anywhere near to what we’ve seen in the stock market during the Great Depression, or even in the global recession in 2008. The reason gold only goes up in value most of the time is because the supply of gold is very limited and the world population is increasing. So, what you have is more people but the same amount of gold. This means people will be willing to pay more for each ounce of gold. 

1. Silver

Silver Things That Increase in Value Over Time

Yes, it might surprise you to see that silver, not gold, tops this list. Sometimes referred to as “poor man’s gold,” silver may actually be more a better long-term investment than gold. Last year, gold was 61.5 times more expensive than silver, Yet, silver reserves outnumber gold reserves by a factor of under eleven. Looking at supply, gold is vastly overvalued compared to silver — about 50 times so. This grossly undervalues silver, making it one of the wisest (and, unless you’re quite wealthy, most affordable) long-term investments you can make.

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