Top 10 Times When A Dog Saved Its Owner’s Life


Dogs are cute and adorable as pets but they can be even dedicated to their owners when it comes to protecting them against

dangers, especially the 10 strongest dogs in the world. If it wasn’t for these dogs learning the basic commands and skills through Los Angeles puppy trainers, then maybe the results would have been different for their owners or anyone who found themselves in danger. There are innumerable heartwarming stories and incidents, where dogs have displayed their affection and save lives of their owners. It is indeed very hard to understand how these animals have compassion and bonding towards human beings and on many occasions proved to be man’s best friend.

Here we look at some of the most unbelievable but true incidents, where dogs have shown their bravery and saved the life of their owners. These are the top 10 times when a dog saved its owner’s life:

10. Andrei Pavlov and Nadia

Andrei Pavlov and Nadia Feeding Ducks

A four-year-old boy, Andrei Pavlov was busy feeding ducks close to his home in Krasnoyarsk in Russia. And no one knew how the little boy fell into the freezing water of the pond. At that time, a stray dog named Nadia came to his rescue, as he started barking continuously and it seems that the dog had followed him throughout that day. Probably, the dog knew of the trouble coming ahead and a lady who fed the stray dogs followed him to the site and was able to rescue the boy with the help of some workers.

Nadia became the hero who helped in saving the life of Andrei who would have otherwise drowned in the water and died by warning them of the danger that lies ahead.

9. Angel The Dog Who Rescued Child From A Cougar

Angel The Dog Who Rescued Child From A Cougar

Austin Forman, 11-year-old boy was lived in British Columbia was playing in his yard when suddenly he was confronted with a cougar from somewhere, and not the kind of cougar you’d find on Nu Bay. Before the boy could be attacked, his family dog, Angel appeared before the cougar and saved the boy’s life from danger. The 18-month-old fought the cougar which was much larger than him showing a lot of courage and bravery. Finally, the family informed the police who then caught the cougar.

In this act of bravery, Angel was badly injured but then it slowly made a good recovery and the family was proud and grateful to their dog who managed to save their child’s life.

8. The Story of Osmar Persisco and Max

The Story of Osmar Persisco and Max

Osmar Persisco from Garibaldi, Brazil went for his exercise routine and took his dog, Max along with him to a nearby field. There, he was confronted by two thieves who asked him to give away his car keys, Osmar refused to give in and the robbers shot him in his head. The faithful companion, Max attacked the robbers but one of them managed to escape, whereas the other one shot him on his leg and twice on his chest injuring him badly. Later, Max was taken to the vet and treated for his injuries and Osmar was always proud of his life-saving dog.

7. Poodle Bandit and the DeStefani family

Poodle Bandit and the DeStefani family

The DeStefani families were grateful to their pet dog Poodle, Bandit who saved their lives by alerting them to the danger in their house. Marta DeGenarro was the owner of Bandit and was out of town during which the DeStefani family was taking care of them in her absence. Rich DeStefani had put a hairbrush for sterilizing in a pot over a stove and completely forgot about it.

Later in the night, the house was filled with smokes and the smoke detector didn’t seem to work. At that time, Poodle Bandit’s alertness saved their lives when it jumped over the family members and waked them up. Although the house was damaged due to the smoke, but Poodle Bandit became the hero for saving the life of this family.

6. Infant rescued in the house fire

Infant rescued in the house fire

Jason Breiding watched the moment when his house was caught up in flames but was stunned when he found his little baby missing among the family members, as he counted them. It was the most shocking moment in his life but the kind and noble action of their family dog saved their little one’s life from such a big danger. Their family dog bought the baby holding its diaper safely by escaping through the flames.

Although the family lost most of their belongings in the fire, but they were grateful that their most valuable possession was saved by their family dog in this rescue operation.

5. Miley and carbon monoxide poisoning event

Miley and carbon monoxide poisoning event

Miley the family dog tried to wake up the owner, Stacie Pitts and the entire family while they were sleeping in the night. Probably, the dog could sense a danger which the family had not noticed and was trying to communicate them and alert them. At first, Stacey tried to stop Miley and thought it was just troubling them but later they realized that the family was being sick with nausea and headache. They went to the hospital and found out that because of Miley’s alertness, their lives were saved from carbon monoxide poisoning.

4. The story of Paul Horton and Yogi

The story of Paul Horton and Yogi Top 10 Times When A Dog Saved Its Owner’s Life

Yogi, the dog was named as the Valor dog of the Year in 2011 by the Humane Society of the United States for its brave act of saving the life of his owner after a bicycle accident. Paul Horton suffered an accident when the handlebars of his bike just came over and landed on his head. As he regained his consciousness he asked Yogi for help where he went across the main road and barked at the neighbors who were passing by and they understood that there was some serious problem.

Paul Horton was immobilized due to the serious accident but always feels happy to have such a great friend and companion like Yogi. Paul says he now spoils Yogi after what he did as he now gets the finest food and wear Designer Dog Collars! He really does deserve it!

3. Baby and the Rattlesnake

Baby and the Rattlesnake Dog Saves Child

Booker West, 12-month-old baby’s life was saved by Zoey, the Chihuahua from the attack by a rattlesnake when he was playing in the bird bath. The dog’s timely act saved the life of the little one and it was rescued. However, Zoey was bitten by the poisonous snake during the attack but luckily Zoe was able to make a complete recovery.

2. Norman the Blind Dog

Norman the Blind Dog Saved Child

Norman, a blind dog was fond of his owner, Annette and enjoyed talking walks with her on the beach. This was the only place where he had complete freedom to run freely as it was safe for him. Despite being blind, Norman was fearless and went to the rescue of the young girl who cried for help as she was carried away by the water. He saved the life of the girl who would have otherwise drowned by rushing to help her and guided her back to the shore.

1. Belle rescues collapsed owner

Belle rescues collapsed owner

Kevin Weaver suffered from a diabetic related condition and collapsed on the ground. Belle, the 17 pound Beagle came to his timely rescue by somehow managing to reach 911 for assistance. Belle was a trained dog who was taught to find the blood sugar levels for his owner-Kevin by licking his nose and biting all the numbers on the phone to ring 911.

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