Top 10 Transparent Animals That You Can Literally See Through


Some animals can protect themselves with their sharp teeth, claws, or talons. Others have such amazing speed that they can simply outrun anything that might be threatening them. But what about some other

species of animals that don’t seem to have much in the way of defense mechanisms? We’ve put together a list of creatures with an amazing ability- they are transparent animals that you can literally see through! Some of these animals look creepy, but some of them are beautiful. All are truly amazing!


10. Jellyfish

BOX JELLY FISH scary creatures

Jellyfish live in every ocean, from the shallow surface to the deepest waters. They can range from 1 millimeter in height and diameter to over 6 feet in height and diameter. There are many varieties of jellyfish, and several of them are transparent. This makes them particularly dangerous to unsuspecting swimmers who won’t see them until it’s too late! If you’ve ever been stung by one, you know how successful they are in sneaking up on their victims. 

9. Transparent Sea Cucumber

Transparent Sea Cucumber Transparent Animal

This sea creature lives at the very bottom of the ocean. It creeps forward ever so slowly on its tentacles, moving about 2 centimeters per minute. It sweeps the sediment into its mouth for food. It is so see through that you can even see its digestive system winding through its alien-like body! These little creatures do a lot towards keeping the oceans free of debris, as they eat sediment. 

8. Crocodile Icefish

Crocodile Icefish See through

Crocodile icefish live in the cold waters around Antarctica and southern South America. They have blood in their bodies, but it is colorless because it lacks hemoglobin, the oxygen-binding protein in the blood. They are the only vertebrate that doesn’t have hemoglobin. Their transparency makes them good ambush predators, meaning that they can survive long periods between feedings, but when the opportunity presents itself, they can surprise their victims. They can consume other fish up to half their own body length! 

7. Glass Squid

Glass Squid

These creatures are amazing. The glass squid retains ammonia inside its body that gives it a balloon shape and helps it float. It also has some pigment-filled cells that look like colored polka dots on glass, serving as camouflage. Many species of glass squid are also bioluminescent, meaning that they can glow underwater! They basically produce their own light source, amazing! 

6. Sea Salp

Sea Salp Amazing

Sea salps are barrel shaped creatures that move by contracting, which pushes water through their gelatinous body. They exist both as an individual creature, and they can group together and form chains as long as 4 feet! They look quite different in their individual and group forms. They filter the water that flows through their bodies and lives off of phytoplankton. 

5. Glass Shrimp

Glass Shrimp

Glass shrimp, also known as ghost shrimp because of their lack of coloring, are a beautiful sight to behold. They live in freshwater and many people actually like to keep them in aquariums because of their unique appearance. They are scavengers, searching the bottom of their living area for tiny bits of edible food overlooked by other water creatures. 

4. Barrel Fish

Barrel Fish

This oddly shaped fish has a barrel shaped eyes that are very sensitive to light and are pointed upward to detect prey. They are luminous creatures, glowing because of the presence of bioluminescent bacteria. The two eye looking spots above their mouth are not actually eyes, but rather they’re olfactory organs called nares, like a nose. 

3. Glass Frog

Glass Frog Transparent

These awesome amphibians have transparent abdomens that allow you a complete look at their internal organs. They are tiny, only an inch or two long, and the live in the canopies of Central and South American rain forests. When they aren’t moving, their transparency makes it very difficult to spot them, which helps protect them from predators. 

2. Glass Wing Butterfly

Glass Wing Butterfly

These beautiful butterflies have opaque borders on their wings of a brown or red color, and the tissue in between looks like glass. Adult glass wing butterflies can be found from Mexico through Panama and Columbia, and they have been documented as far north as Florida. They feed off of the nectar of citrus and other sweet flowers that are so prevalent in those parts of the world. 

1. Glass Octopus

Glass Octopus Top 10 Transparent Animals That You Can Literally See Through

At the top of our list of transparent animals that you can literally see through is the glass octopus. They are also probably the rareest, which is why we gave them the top spot. They live in such deep tropical and subtropical water that very little is known about them because they are rarely captured physically or even on film. But the few pictures we do have of them shows how beautiful they are! They have large eyes that are pointed upward, probably to maximize the light from above.

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