Top 10 Weirdest Jobs In The World


Have you ever thought your job was strange? Well, we’ve found some jobs that are sure to blow your mind. Some seem pretty great, but others are just plain strange. Here is a list of

the weirdest jobs in the world.


10. Professional Mourner

Professional Mourner

These people are available to attend the funeral of your loved one for a fee. Based in the UK, website says “We are typically invited to help increase visitors at funerals where there may be a low turnout expected. This can usually be a popularity issue or be new to an area. We have a significant amount of mourners to call upon when the need arises”. That does not sound like a fun job!


9. Human Scarecrow

Human Scarecrow

Want to scare away the birds on your farm no need for a fake scarecrow you can get a real one. This part time job is very bizarre,to say the least.


8. Breath Odor Evaluator

Breath Odor Evaluator Strange Jobs

Gum and mint companies hire people whose only job is to smell the breath of others. This is to determine which gum and mints are effective, and which last the longest. This is a job that requires extreme olfactory senses. Those without a very good sense of smell need not apply.


7. Professional Sleeper

Professional Sleeper Top 10 Weirdest Jobs In The World

Are you always tired? Maybe you would make a good professional sleeper. The main groups of people who hire sleepers are doctors and researchers conducting sleep studies. Of course, you for these you will need to sleep hooked up to monitors and other equipment. Some high-end luxury hotels will also pay you to sleep in their hotels and resorts and blog or write about your experience. You might not be able to make a full-time salary from sleeping, but talk about easy money!


6. Roller Coaster Tester


Alton Towers in London is looking for roller coaster testers. Necessary skills? A very strong stomach. “Every morning before the park opens to the public, each ride goes through serious testing so we’re looking for someone that can take this on,” the park’s Katherine Duckworth said. “They will need to be a huge fan of rides and have a very strong stomach as they’ll need to spend hours on our biggest and most famous rollercoasters.” While this job sounds like great fun, we’re pretty sure the advancement opportunities are limited.


5. Ear Cleaner

Ear Cleaner Weirdest Jobs In The World

In India, you can hire a professional ear cleaner. These people roam the streets and will clean your ears for anywhere from 25 to 100 rupees. They use cotton wads, sharp needles, and a pair of sharp tweezers to purge your ears of any debris. Some even use a few drops of eucalyptus or similar oil. This is definitely not a job for those who are germaphobes!


4. Dice Inspector

Dice Inspector

Gambling is a huge money business, and as such, the house doesn’t leave anything to chance, even the dice. If the angle of the sides are imperfect, or the dice has an imperfect dimension or even a slightly distorted center mass, it will affect the roll. Of course, any company who produced these dice would be sued by casinos. For this reason, dice manufacturers hire dice inspectors to check the details of every dice.


3. Screen Cleaner

Screen Cleaner

All the theaters with huge screens wouldn’t look near as great with a layer of dirt and dust on the screen. Fortunately, there are people who are tasked with the job of screen cleaning. Screen cleaners use scaffolding to reach the highest places, and the screens accumulate so much dust that they usually have to empty their vacuum cleaner two or three times per screen.


2. Professional Whistler

Professional Whistler Strange Job

Who do you think does all the whistling in movies and TV shows? Certainly not the actors! That’s where a professional whistler comes in. Henry Brady is a 58-year-old professional whistler. “My profession has taken me across the world and allowed me to touch people’s hearts”, he says. Brady says self-promotion is critical, as there isn’t a need for many whistling performers.


1. Pet Food Tester


Pet Food Tester Weirdest Jobs In The World

Definitely at the top of our list of weirdest jobs in the world, a pet food tester is hired to taste and chew pet food. To make sure the flavors are appealing, and that the texture is right, humans will chow down on pet food. Tasting can be done sufficiently without swallowing, though, so most pet food testers spit the food out after chewing it. For this job, you’ll want to keep a water bottle close by!

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