Top 10 Weirdest Music Instruments In The World


There are certain families of musical instruments that we are all likely to know: brass, strings, woodwind, percussion and keyboard. Most of the people can easily

visualize an instrument from any of the categories, but what you are about to see in this list is nearly impossible to visualize and probably troublesome to comprehend. These instruments are weird and unique, and you probably never heard of (and surely never used) any of these 10 weirdest music instruments in the world.

10. Hydraulophone


This musical instrument produces sound when the player engages in direct physical contact with water. Hydraulophone is a creation of Steve Mann, and it is being produced for waterparks, rehabilitation, musical ensembles, splash pads, or personal use. To play it, you just need to block the flow of water through a finger hole. Hydraulophone is sometimes called a “wood water instrument”, because it is similar to a woodwind instrument, although it is not necessarily made of wood. 

9. Cajon

Cajon Top 10 Weirdest Music Instruments In The World Cajon is a percussion musical instrument. It originated in Peru, and it can often be heard in Afro-Peruvian motives. Cajon looks like a wooden box, to play which you need to slap the front or rear faces of the box with your hands. More advanced players of cajon also use some props, like sticks or brushes. In contemporary music, cajon can be found in Peruvian Waltz, Zamacueca, and Tondero, which are all Peruvian music, in Cuban Rumba and Spanish Flamenco. 

8. Nyckelharpa

Nyckelharpa Weird Instrument

This is a very old and one of the weirdest music instruments in the world. Nyckelharpa originated in Sweden and has been played for around 600 years already. Unlike many forgotten folklore instruments of the past, nyckelharpa is still widely popular in Sweden. There are at least four different variations of this instrument that Swedes use. Nyckelharpa has around 37 wooden keys that slide under the strings. The player pushes the keys, which, in turn, stop the strings to produce sounds. 

7. Hardingfele


Hardingfele, or Hardanger Fiddle, is a traditional folklore instrument of Norway, which is still played by the population in western and south-central areas of the country. The instrument looks a lot like a violin, with some noticeable variations. It has four strings and five under strings, all of which are tuned depending on the piece of music played. The melodies produced by hardingfele are called slattar and the corresponding traditional dances. 

6. Contrabass Balalaika

Contrabass Balalaika

Is it a contrabass? Or is it a balalaika? This Russian music instrument definitely deserves a place among the weirdest music instruments in the world. It is the largest among all balalaikas, but it also has three strings tuned E-A-D. To achieve a soft and clear sound, you need to use a large leather pick to play the instrument. This folklore instrument is still played in contemporary Russia. 

5. Stylophone


This is a mini-keyboard operated with a stylus. You touch the keyboard with the stylus and after some electronic processes, you get the sound. Stylophone is pocket-sized, so you can even carry it around and play it in the company of friends. In the 1960s, when it just appeared, the instrument was available in three types: treble, bass, and standard. Stylophone did not achieve much popularity, but it was from time to time used in movies. 

4. Cimbalom


This complex instrument’s body has a shape of a trapezoid that stands on four legs. There are around 125 metal strings, which the musician strikes using two little wooden hammers with leather on the edges. In its modern form, cimbalom was first introduced in Hungary, and then it became its national instrument. 

3. Glass Harmonica

Glass Harmonica Weird Instruments

This instrument is comprised of graduated in size glass bowls, which produce the sound through friction. Renowned composers, like Mozart, Beethoven, and Strauss created works for glass harmonica. However, the popularity of this musical instrument did not go beyond the 18th century. In fact, glass harmonica was rumored to cause madness in musicians as well as listeners. 

2. Pikasso Guitar

Pikasso Guitar

Pikasso Guitar is something unimaginable. Even thinking about playing it seems impossible, what to say about actually playing. The guitar has four necks, two access doors, two sound holes and 42 strings. The guitar was specifically created for musician Pat Metheny, and it took two years to complete the instrument. It received its name for the resemblance with the style of cubist artist Pablo Picasso. Perhaps this isn’t the sort of guitar you would necessarily want to play yourself. If you want something less conspicuous but that’s prefect for either performing for your friends and family or a crowd, go with an acoustic-electric for less than $500.

1. Didgeridoo

Didgeridoo Weird Instrument

This musical instrument is known to be the oldest in the world, with its origins dating back to indigenous Australians whose culture is thousand of years old. This musical instrument can be called a wooden trumpet, although it can be constructed out of metal, clay, glass, agave, or even carbon fiber. It takes the first place on our list of the weirdest music instruments in the world.

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